by Zen Gardner

If I see another “petition” asking for the selected “powers that shouldn’t be” to do this or that I’m gonna spit nails. It’s ridiculous. The very positioning of the populace into a place of “petitioning” others to get things done only reinforces the matrix of control and deceit.

The answer is to rise up.

This is done individually most of all, and collectively as a result.

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Welcome to The Dreamweavers


I recently had a dream, a dream about dreamers, about Dreamweavers.

It’s about a group of people who link-up in the Physical, then go off together to experience dreams in the Astral, and how they share their adventures (maybe prompted by Robert Monroe’s tale?).

I have a feeling that their purpose is to do “good”, but I myself haven’t done anything “good” yet.  I just have this overwhelming sense of purpose. Continue reading

If this was my first post, what could I write… ?


My head’s been full of an overwhelming abundance of deep thoughts lately, but whenever I go to capture them, either notes or vocal, I can never recall them the way they initially appeared, even if only a few seconds have passed. So, the next momentous piece of software would be a WiFi connection between the Brain and standard computer platforms, a form of OCR, which could capture thoughts, and even images, on the triggering of a code word or phrase. This data would then be saved as normal text, photo, or even audio and video files… Continue reading